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2008-04-09 11:03:47 by DavidKrachtLam

Check the new preview out below! If you're into hardstyle i guarantee you'll like it!

Check out the new remix! I made it for a school project.

Had ½ an hour or my mom would pull the plug XD


Two brand new songs!

2008-03-29 08:53:48 by DavidKrachtLam

-'Airbreeze'- and Lillithvale is out! Soft trance and a misc. song, both made yesterday. I don't know how i managed it, but it required a lot of work, so i didn't sleep before 03:00PM. XD

For those of your who would have wanted Stay Happy done, well, it's really gonna be a while, because i can't really find the spirit/melody to continue on it. I might to a complete makeover next time i make a song, then remake the whole thing from scratch.

Goodday to all newgrounders,

Homepage updated!

2008-03-25 10:59:00 by DavidKrachtLam

I know there's not a lot yet, but at least the whole page design has been changed.

And for -Stay Happy-,'s on my to-do list, but i'm quite busy nowadays.


This is for my dog.

2008-03-20 15:31:00 by DavidKrachtLam

Our dog was sold today to another family. I'm dedicating this classical piece to him, and i wish him all good luck in his future.

Since i play piano, i made the piece on it, and i've done my best to remake it on computer. A lot of my feelings have been put into this.

- David

I believe i said my next song would be happy hardcore? I don't know much about the genre, but i've made this preview and it would be nice to hear all your opinions. I really don't know if it's good or bad, but i think it sounds fairly nice.

Check it out!

Nothing new,

2008-03-10 11:15:43 by DavidKrachtLam

I haven't made anything since above yet, i havent even started anything.
Not to worry though, i might have something up my sleeve. :)

The next song i'll make will most likely be happy hardcore, but if it fails, well then, guess 3 times.

I'll inform you with a preview or something when the time comes,


2008-03-07 17:39:21 by DavidKrachtLam

It's out! Go hear it if you haven't already! =D

Oh dear. I'm back =D

2008-02-27 14:57:55 by DavidKrachtLam

Oh my god. All of your responds.....i have to admit, they touched me.

I had no idea i made this impression on newgrounds. I'm really.....stunned. Wow.

Okay've brought me back. As a comeback present, i have a small preview for you.....something i spent just a while on..... =)

Welcome back newgrounds,


2008-02-09 05:15:13 by DavidKrachtLam

Bye, everyone. I can't handle the disappointment anymore. I have to realise; nobody likes my songs exept my friend. I'll come back whenever i feel i want to, and that is NOT going to be soon. I bet most people doesen't even understand what it takes to make a song. To create music.

I'm leaving. Bye, until i might return.
- David, music composer, pianist, programmer & gfx designer