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New Preview.....more like a "I'm getting back in business" song.

2008-11-12 10:32:26 by DavidKrachtLam

I feel like I'm slowly regaining my FL Studio abilities, so we'll see if something good will come out of that....I'll try to come up with something once in a while, but it's far from being easy, seriously.

Anyway, I'm still alive.... .just waiting for the perfect song to be created in my mind.


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2008-11-17 14:00:16

I've missed you, darling.


2008-12-02 18:25:16

Sawlines is something to finish. I love it. ^_^


2008-12-18 00:19:54

We've missed ya

DavidKrachtLam responds:

FINALLY! I'm going to send you guys a PM. I finally created a good piece, even though it's not techno.


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