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New preview released!

2009-04-13 14:49:31 by DavidKrachtLam

I've been working on this new song for a while, and it seems like it's going really well so far.

Don't have much else to say than I hope you'll like it! The link is naturally below this post as always.....



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2009-04-13 15:15:40


DavidKrachtLam responds:



2009-04-20 20:08:06

I want more of your music. You're pretty damn good at what you do, so keep doing it. You could have a JOB in making music ^___^

DavidKrachtLam responds:

I probably could, and that way I'd have far more time to make my songs than now. I'm releasing maybe one song each 2nd months! That's not very much!

Perhaps I'll increase the rate in which the songs are being made.....but I won't promise anything.


2009-04-29 18:08:19

How far along are you on Shiawase no Natsu? I've been wondering cuz I've been checking your page EVERY DAY to see when it finally comes out.

DavidKrachtLam responds:



2009-05-02 02:52:38

= )