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Blame Zepto Co.

2009-06-18 09:47:38 by DavidKrachtLam

I'm gonna be lazy right now.

- My arrow keys and my right shift wouldn't work on my laptop after a restart and.....a bit of tea.

- Mom forces me to stop using HER USB keyboard, and at the same time forces me to get it repaired.

- I wait 10 days with no response from Zepto what-so-ever.

And as thus it'll be a while before I'm done with Shiawase no Natsu. They thankfully won't format it. I also found out it should've been Natsu no Shiawase, which would then mean Summer of Happiness. Right now it's Happiness' Summer. Meh.




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2009-07-03 22:34:34

=/ Sometimes life just flips you the bird.

DavidKrachtLam responds:

It sure does.....