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It's at the moment officially 2:15 minutes long! It probably doesn't sound like much, but I swear to you, it's two and a quarter minutes filled with awesome packed techno at it's best!

I've got my laptop back and I am working on it! It'll probably be done some day in this week. :)


Blame Zepto Co.

2009-06-18 09:47:38 by DavidKrachtLam

I'm gonna be lazy right now.

- My arrow keys and my right shift wouldn't work on my laptop after a restart and.....a bit of tea.

- Mom forces me to stop using HER USB keyboard, and at the same time forces me to get it repaired.

- I wait 10 days with no response from Zepto what-so-ever.

And as thus it'll be a while before I'm done with Shiawase no Natsu. They thankfully won't format it. I also found out it should've been Natsu no Shiawase, which would then mean Summer of Happiness. Right now it's Happiness' Summer. Meh.




2009-06-09 18:08:26 by DavidKrachtLam


Working, working.....

2009-05-26 10:30:06 by DavidKrachtLam

Well it's been a while since I released my last preview, and I thought I'd give you an update.

I'm still working on Shiawase no Natsu, which by the way means Summer of Happiness(%u5E78%u305B%u306E%u590F). It's just a bout 1:50 long now, I should be done with it soon :)

So yeah, that's about it, I have a lot of mini-project lying around, but most of it 's just stuff I won't finish.


New preview released!

2009-04-13 14:49:31 by DavidKrachtLam

I've been working on this new song for a while, and it seems like it's going really well so far.

Don't have much else to say than I hope you'll like it! The link is naturally below this post as always.....


I managed to make this done before my test exams, so I hope you'll enjoy it!

Here it is: /209325


I finally made it! I actually managed to compose a piece of music after what, ½ a year?

That's a damn long time without any releases except for small previews! God, I feel like I've let you guys down a bit.

Well, my latest release is, as a big surprise, NOT techno. It's a.....slow, soft rock song. Since newgrounds don't have that category, it's under misc.

Enjoy it, and your presents! Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

I feel like I'm slowly regaining my FL Studio abilities, so we'll see if something good will come out of that....I'll try to come up with something once in a while, but it's far from being easy, seriously.

Anyway, I'm still alive.... .just waiting for the perfect song to be created in my mind.

Yeah, so, hi everyone.

Ever since I released Below, I've tried and tried making new songs, and in my option I failed to make anything good. Below was fantastic, every little project I've had since I released it has been a total mess. I even tried to make a new one in the series just to see if that was the problem, but no, that went just as bad.

Basically what I'm trying to say is, that whenever something amazing crosses my mind, I'll make it, and when it's done I'll upload it, because previews somewhat makes me want to abandon the project if it gets a -score. Besides, every since school started again I've been extremely occupied since we're getting a nuke which consists of every single kind of homework a person can think of.

Don't forget me, this doesn't mean I've stopped making music!


What do you think?